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Learn about “Ranked Choice Voting” from Fair Vote Minnesota

April 2, 2016
Fair Vote Minnesota

Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to rank candidates on the ballot according to their preference - 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, etc. Voters cast their vote for their favorite candidate knowing that if he or she doesn't gather enough votes to win, their vote will count toward their second choice. In a single-winner election, votes cast for the least popular candidate are not "wasted", but rather reallocated to more popular candidates, based on the voters' second choices, until one candidate wins with a majority of continuing votes.

Where will the 2017 Democracy Convention take place?

April 5, 2016
Liberty Tree Foundation
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We are excited to report that the planning process for the third Democracy Convention is moving forward and a location has been chosen!  

Community democracy scores a win for the environment through the passing of Minneapolis’ plastic bag restrictions ordinance

April 2, 2016
Jim Hammerand for Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal
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The Minneapolis City Council on Friday approved an ordinance that will ban carry-out plastic bags for most retailers and add a 5 cent litter fee.
Starting June 1, 2017, customers of Minneapolis retailers will have to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. The ordinance excludes plastic bags used for dry cleaning, newspaper deliveries, and plastic bags for takeout food or that come in direct contact with food (like ones used for fresh produce).
New plastic bag rules for Minneapolis retailers take effect in 2017.

Corporate controlled “Itasca Project” circumvents democracy in Twin Cities decision-making

April 2, 2016
Charles P. Pierce for Esquire
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Good intentions don't justify unaccountable power.

Call me paranoid, but I found The New York Times's tale of the gnomes of Minneapolis  just a little unnerving. It certainly makes me curious about the future of democratic government.

Great American Think Off 2016 explores how income inequality threatens democracy with essay contest and debate

April 2, 2016
Great American Think-Off New York Mills Cultural Center
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With a national election right around the corner, this year the Great American Think-Off wants to know if people agree or disagree with this statement: “Income Inequality Threatens Democracy”.

Hundreds protest lack of prosecution for police officers involved in shooting death of Jamar Clark

April 2, 2016
Carimah Townes for Think Progress
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After months of protest and tension in Minneapolis, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced that he will not charge officers Dustin Schwarze and Mark Ringgenberg for the killing of Jamar Clark, an unarmed man who died from a gunshot to the head. Freeman says Schwarze shot Clark within 61 seconds of his arrival at the scene of a domestic dispute. According to the county attorney, Clarke was resisting arrest and had his hand on Ringgenberg’s gun.

Twin Cities janitors reach agreement after negotiations following 24-hour strike in February addressing wages and workload

April 2, 2016
Andy Rathburn for Twin Cities Pioneer Press
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Minneapolis-St. Paul janitors have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract following months of negotiations and a 24-hour strike last month.
The union representing about 4,000 janitors across the Twin Cities announced that an agreement on a new four-year contract was reached between janitors and their employers after a 12-hour bargaining session that ended early Monday morning.

Support “Restore the Vote” in Minnesota

Restore the Vote is once again before Minnesota state lawmakers.  Last year, the legislation was passed by the Senate before ultimately stalling in the House.  Restore the Vote will re-enfranchise approximately 47,000 people who are currently ineligible to vote, because of a felony conviction, even though they live and work in our communities.  Current policy, which this bill would change, unnecessarily and excessively discourages positive civic participation, perpetuates racial injustice, and adds cost and complications to voting.

Restore the Vote - Minnesota
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