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SCOTCH & BLACK: Restoring the Rule of Law Where it Matters Most

April 2, 2009
Benson Scotch

University of Wisconsin Law School, Lubar Commons

Available for listening online here.

The new debate over war powers, defense policy, and the National Guard

Benson Scotch appeared at the University of Wisconsin Law School on April 2, 2009, together with special guest State Representative Spencer Black, lead sponsor of WI National Guard federalization review legislation

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For the original recording, see http://law.wisc.edu/media/item/lubar_4_2w.mp3

You can help: The struggle of 2011 continues

October 5, 2016
Liberty Tree
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We hope you will act on, and share, this appeal. Thank you.
Five years ago, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites rose up against the austerity policies of Gov. Scott Walker and the Chamber of Commerce. The Wisconsin Uprising launched the participation of millions of Americans in the protest wave of 2011 best made known by Occupy Wall Street and the #Occupy movement.

Madison students using restorative justice to build community, address school to prison pipeline

April 14, 2016
Ogechi Emechebe for The Capital Times
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On a recent Friday morning at Madison's O’Keeffe Middle School, nine students gathered in a circle to reflect on their experience. Some shared their happiest memories during the three years while others described challenges they faced. They also shared what their goals for high school were and where they see themselves in ten years.
“I enjoyed the fun field trips we had, it brought everyone together and made us closer,” one student said.

Teach-ins unite students, activists and visionaries from New York to Madison

March 25, 2016
Michelle Stearn for The Next System Project
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The beginning of March brought a wave of connections and developments for students, community activists, economists, and visionaries of all kinds at the Next System Project Inaugural Teach-Ins.

Audit reveals over 100 preemption, other actions to shut down local democracy in Wisconsin

February 11, 2016
Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau
legislation mosaic mural from WI capitol

According to this review by Wisconsin's nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the state legislature in that state has enacted over 100 unfunded mandates and preemptions of local government authority since 2011.

WATCH: Ben Manski, Leland Pan, Jolie Lizotte and more on the future of student organizing

November 7, 2013
Liberty Tree Foundation

Last August hundreds of people from across the country convened in Madison, WI for the  2nd Democracy Convention.  Made up of nine individual conferences, the Convention was an extraordinary space for individuals and organizations to network with and learn from one another in the service of building a larger, more dynamic democracy movement.

VLAHOS: Return Our Weekend Warriors

May 3, 2010
Kelley B. Vlahos

If George W. Bush – notorious for skipping his Texas Air National Guard drills during the Vietnam War – were in the Guard today, he’d be up in the air without a propeller.

That’s because today’s National Guard has become virtually indistinguishable from the nation’s active-duty forces in the war zone. The majority of these so-called part-time soldiers have served combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, with many– if not most – deployed more than once.

As of April 24, 622 members of the Guard have been killed [.pdf] in the two-front war since 2001. Forget the whole bit about “weekend warriors” – reservists have become indispensable to the ongoing overseas operations since Bush himself launched the country into war nine years ago.

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