Who will protect our rights?

October 12, 2016
No More Stolen Elections!

“You’ve got to go out. You’ve got to go out. And you’ve got to get your friends. And you’ve got to get everyone you know. And you got to watch your polling booths, because I hear too many stories about Pennsylvania. Certain areas. I hear too many bad stories, and we can’t lose an election because of you know what I’m talking about.”


One of the major party candidates this year is calling for racially charged voter intimidation - for supporters and law enforcement officials to go into areas where people of color live and vote in order to closely “watch” what happens and to keep “bad things” from happening when voters of color do vote. This call for intimidating action has a chilling effect on voters, especially considering the current wave of police violence dominating the news and a spike in racial hate crimes across the country. 
For example, in Los Angeles County where I live, there has been a large increase in hate crimes this past year after a seven year decline. As always, blacks are disproportionately affected by hate crimes, representing about 8% of the county’s population and 58% of the victims. Unique to last year, however, anti-Latinx crimes increased by a staggering 69% along with an increase in crimes against people due to their religion, sexual orientation, race, gender or gender identity, signaling a growing culture of racialized violence that must be rejected.
The 2016 presidential election is only a month away. We need your help building this campaign - we need the power to fight back against the voter intimidation, suppression and election fraud that keep votes from being cast and counted. Your contribution, no matter how small, will help this project grow and enable us to best support voters before, during and after this election.

No More Stolen Elections! is a non-partisan campaign, meaning we are not funded by any of the political parties or their corporate sponsors. We are working for the people, and this project is currently funded 100% by the people. Now more than ever it is important for voters to come together, not only to protect our own voting rights this November, but toprotect the rights of our most targeted friends, family members and neighbors as election integrity is seriously called into question this year.

Will you donate $25, $100 or even $500 to this important project? 

Your contribution is appreciated. Without your generous support, we could not continue the campaign at this crucial time in history. We are committed to demanding no more stolen elections!
Onward to more democratic elections,Timeka Drew - National Director, Liberty Tree Foundation
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