What you need to know about the Democracy Movement and the TPP​

March 19, 2015
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If you haven't done so already be sure to read Liberty Tree president Ben Manski's latest article "The Democratic Turn of the Century: Learning from the U.S. Democracy Movement."  Here's what two of the U.S.A.'s greatest living political thinkers—Gar Alperovitz and Tom Hayden—have to say about the piece:
"Must reading for anyone serious about understanding the history—and requirements of (!)a transformative democratic politics at this critical stage of its emergent and potentially explosive longer term development."
–Gar Alperovitz, former Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy, University of Maryland, and author most recently of What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution.
"A fine argument for deeper discussion of what Manski hopefully calls the "democratic turn." So important are these issues that I have recently re-named my Peace and Justice Center to The Democracy Project. As we have learned repeatedly, participatory democracy enables a rank-and-file to be the driving force of social movements and even electoral campaigns.
But democracy doesn't arise only as  a new society in the womb of the old, it is "pre-figured" by the scars and birth-defects inherited from our predecessors, especially the scars of sectarianism. I pray that the Manskis of this day find more success in times to come than we did decades ago."
–Tom Hayden

National Conference Call on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Also, be sure to join the next national coalition briefing on Fast Track, the TPP, Trade & Democracy, with guest speakers John Bonifaz of Free Speech for People, Ben Manski of Liberty Tree, and Lori Wallach of Global Trade Watch.
Topic: "Fast Track: Bullet Train to Corporate Nationhood"
Date/time: Sunday, ​March 22 at 7:30 p.m. EST
These biweekly briefings feature movement leaders, policy experts, and government officials and are organized by a national grassroots coalition of labor, environmental, community, campus and pro-democracy organizations.