WATCH: Debra White Plume at the Democracy Convention

October 15, 2013
Liberty Tree Foundation
Debra White Plume
In August hundreds of people from across the country convened in Madison, WI for the 2nd Democracy Convention.  Made up of nine individual conferences, the Convention was an extraordinary space for individuals and organizations to network with and learn from one another in the service of building a larger, more dynamic democracy movement.  In the coming week we'll be posting video of some of the amazing Convention plenaries and workshops that made up the five day event.
For starters, we'd like to share with you this amazing footage of Debra White Plume's keynote address.  Debra is an enrolled member of the Oglala Band of the Lakota Nation and has spent her life engaged in the fight for Lakota Treaty Territory defense, the cessation of environmentally destructive extraction practices, and the creation of a more sustainable and equitable society for all people.  Debra's address- the closing session of the Convention- served as an incredibly timely and powerful call to action. 
Let's stop traffic, let's get out in the streets, there has to come a time when an email's not enough. Letter to the editor's not enough.  A vote is not enough.  We've got to resist.  We have to resist with our body and with the love in our hearts.  And so I want to ask you all something- resist, resist, with all the love in your heart." 

-Debra White Plume

George Martin
Longtime movement activist and Liberty Tree board member
George Martin introduces Debra White Plume
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