WATCH: Ben Manski, Leland Pan, Jolie Lizotte and more on the future of student organizing

November 7, 2013
Liberty Tree Foundation

Last August hundreds of people from across the country convened in Madison, WI for the  2nd Democracy Convention.  Made up of nine individual conferences, the Convention was an extraordinary space for individuals and organizations to network with and learn from one another in the service of building a larger, more dynamic democracy movement. To ensure that the content from the Democracy Convention is shared as far as possible, we're continuing to post  video of some of the amazing Convention plenaries and workshops that made up the five day event.

One Big Union, One Big Strike
One BIg Union, One Big Strike
Watch Liberty Tree board member Ben Manski along with student organizers Jolie Lizotte, Leland Pan and Katie Zaman  discuss what it will take to organize unions of students, faculty, staff, and community members that can, when needed, take total control of production in our schools and colleges.
Youth Organizing and the National Student Bill of Rights
Youth Organizing and the National Student Bill of Rights
Watch members of the Alliance for Educational Justice lead a workshop that explores the importance and practice of youth-led organizing as well as the growing campaign for a National Student Bill of Rights that would empower youth in their schools and communities. 
Interview with County Supervisor Leland Pan
Leland Pan
Watch Dane County Supervisor Leland Pan discuss how local elected officials can succesfully serve as conduits for organic grassroots energy and in doing so help advance the democracy movement on the local level.
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