Join us in supporting The Movement for Black Lives

September 9, 2016
Liberty Tree Foundation
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At Liberty Tree, we believe that the American Revolution is a living tradition whose greatest promise is democracy. In order for that promise to be achieved, we work to create a society where people have the desire, skills and capacity to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. This new society is most likely to come about as a result of genuine democratic revolution - one that is committed to deep structural, legal and institutional change that dismantles oppression in all its forms.

Due to our commitment to collective liberation and our rejection of the continuous, systematic violence against Black communities, we stand with The Movement for Black Lives.

“Together, we demand an end to the wars against Black people. We demand that the government repair the harms that have been done to Black communities in the form of reparations and targeted long-term investments. We also demand a defunding of the systems and institutions that criminalize and cage us.”

We invite you to learn more about The Movement for Black Lives, and encourage you to join us in endorsing “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom, & Justice.”
Check out the Downloads page complete with handouts, policy briefs, shareable graphics and more at The Movement for Black Lives website
Whether you endorse the platform as an individual or share with your organization, you will be helping bolster the grassroots democracy movement in a transformative way.
Click on the image below to view a downloadable version of the in-depth 22 page#VisionForBlackLives Policy Demands Booklet outlining the platform that is suitable for printing.