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April 19, 2016
Liberty Tree
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Building a future where people, the planet and peace are put before profit requires more than energy and activism - it requires education. Join thousands across the country later this month for the Next System Teach-Ins to study, debate and organize around the social, political and economic issues that determine what our future will look like. Teach-Ins aren’t only for students - they are a place where students, faculty, staff and community members come together in order to build tools for responding to matters of national and global importance. 


Liberty Tree is a proud partner of the Next System Project actively taking part in these teach-ins. In particular, we are involved in the mass teach-in scheduled for UC, Santa Barbara April 26-28th, which will be livestreamed (see
  • Our National Director, Timeka Drew will speak on “From Climate Justice to Climate Democracy;” 
  • Our President, Ben Manski, will join Liberty Tree Fellow Matt Nelson (of for a plenary discussion of “Strategies for the Next System;”
  • Liberty Tree Fellow David Cobb (of Move to Amend) will speak to “It’s Not Just Money in Politics: How Corporations Rule Your Life” and two members of our board of advisors will play leading roles - Richard Flacks and of course, Gar Alperovitz.
To find a teach-in near you, click here and search the interactive map. Can’t find a local teach-in? There is still time to host your own - click here and check out the Next System Teach-In Toolkit to get started. 
This issue of Democracy News highlights exciting news from the global democracy movement, illustrates the importance of student activism and education reform, and lifts up the labor movement’s work promoting democracy on the job.  

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