Democracy News - Local Democracy: Growing but under attack

March 20, 2015
Liberty Tree Foundation
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In this issue of Liberty Tree news we bring you important updates from the movement for greaterlocal democracy.  From expanding municipal broadband networks, to increasing local minimum wages, to passing resolutions calling for an end to corporate personhood, communities across the country are continuing to fulfill their roles as "laboratories of democracy".  However cities and towns are also under attack by corporate interests who are attempting to preempt these forward thinking democracy reforms and in the process severely limit local self government.
Since its founding Liberty Tree has been at the forefront of the movement for greater local democracy. This leadership includes organizing the 2007 Local Democracy Convention, writing a policy briefing (co-authored by Liberty Tree board members Karen Dolan and Ben Manski) that successfully called on the federal government to formally review its preemption policies, and bringing together important movement leaders for the Local Democracy conference at our first twoDemocracy Conventions.
Read on for some the latest local democracy movement news from around the country:
How the FCC's historic net neutrality ruling will affect the movement to expand community owned broadband
More and more states preempting local regulations to benefit corporate interests
Seattle defends $15/hour minimum wage law against legal challenge that claims constitutional rights for corporate persons
Ohio Supreme Court strikes down local fracking bans
Move to Amend empowers hundreds of communities to pass resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood
Trans-Pacific Partnership would threaten buy-local ordinances
Oregon communities look to use "community bill of rights" to assert local control and ban fossil fuel extraction
Free Speech for People helps defend St. Louis ballot initiative against corporate legal challenge

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