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October 19, 2016
No More Stolen Elections!
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Do you think voters have a right to information about all of their options at the ballot box? Can we call our process a democratic one when the political parties already in power control who speaks to voters and how often they speak? Without a fair and open debate process as well as unbiased media coverage, many voters are ill equipped to choose the candidate that best reflects their choice - we need profound election reform now!

The presidential debate season is almost over, but only two of the four national presidential candidates have been allowed on the stage. Maybe you saw the introduction to the last debate, in which the organizers thanked all their corporate sponsors?

The legitimacy of our elections is undermined by undemocratic ballot access laws and debates designed to ensure that the political establishment maintain control of the process.Prohibitive ballot access requirements should be ended. The currently partisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) should be replaced with a non-partisan Citizens Debate Commission. We need to win the reforms promised in the Voter Bill of Rights.
These reasons and more are why you should join us in signing the No More Stolen Elections! Pledge of Action and spreading the word about this important campaign today. Already signed the Pledge? Help us build this movement by following it on Twitter and joining us on Facebook. We do not currently have a social media manager to power up this campaign, meaning we need your help to grow our online numbers as we are busy raising funds to hire staff. Every bit of help counts in getting us ready for Election Day, organizing Voter Assemblies and prepared to report your experiences voting long after the polls have closed. 

Will you help us get ready for Election Day by giving $25, $50 or $100 to this important project right now?

Your contribution is appreciated. Without your generous support, we could not continue the campaign at this crucial time in history. We are committed to demanding no more stolen elections!
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Donate to Liberty Tree’s vital No More Stolen Elections! campaign and support democratizing elections in your community and throughout the country today. Your support ensures we can continue this work until the election and beyond - Liberty Tree’s projects are 100% funded by people like you who are committed to the success of the grassroots democracy movement. Thank you!