10 Days to Change Course: Earth Day to May Day!

February 26, 2016
Liberty Tree Foundation
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For the third consecutive year, the Global Climate Convergence is bringing together Earth Day and May Day events everywhere for a united movement for people, peace, and planet. 


If you are organizing Earth Day and/or May Day events (April 22-May 1), please list them here.
Earth Day to May Day - New York City 2014
Due to the tenacity, planning and creative actions of the Global Climate Convergence network during 2014, we were able to support over 200 grassroots events in over 50 cities during 10 days of Earth Day to May Day actions.
This “10 Days to Change Course” was a first step in grassroots movement building, linking the environmental movement of Earth Day to the workers movement of May Day. 
Connecting these two days of global significance with a wave of grassroots action and education was symbolic of the growing unity among movements for social, economic and ecological democracy and justice.
2015 brought more Earth Day to May Day actions in support of people, planet and peace over profit with mobilizations against corporate interests and discussions about the need for “climate democracy.” There were conferences, forums, summits, teach-ins and rallies linking issues relating to the environmental crisis with the problems faced by workers suffering because of the American economic system where corporations are protected like people should be. We also began to seriously explore and build towards a People’s Climate Strike
Earth Day to May Day Calendar
Get started by planning a community meeting - post your meetings and your Earth Day to May Day actions on the calendar so they can be added to a 2016 Earth Day to May Day map next month! Traditional events have included picnics, potlucks, sing-alongs, vigils and parties along with marches, rallies and demonstrations.
Together, we continue to redefine the power of the grassroots democracy movement. Earth Day to May Day is an opportunity to reimagine what a unified movement for people, planet and peace over profit looks like by lifting up the work of diverse groups and by sharing our visions, tools and progress towards a genuine democratic revolution. Spread the word about Earth Day to May Day 2016 throughout your networks, and check out the resources on the Global Climate Convergence website if you need help planning your action or event.

Earth Day to May Day Resources:
Civil Liberties Defense Center legal support & training
NAACP Environmental Justice Classroom Resource Guide
The History of Earth Day
The Brief Origins of May Day
Sample Outreach Materials

Action Ideas:
Next Sytem Teach-Ins
TPP Free Zones
Food Cooperatives
Freeway Bannering
Imagining Light
Share your organizing resources!
Do you have guidelines for organizing a unique action or event? Share your ideas with the Global Climate Convergence network to be listed in our Partner Organizing Resources.  
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